Another star has died

He called me occasionally „Ancalah talkalah” and he was right, as he always had … sometimes I talk too much, sometimes I am too silent.Now … do not know what to say.
About my dear professor Catalin Naum seemed that I could talk forever, and now, I simply don t know what to say.

Because in one of the last evenings, Mr. Naum left … in heaven.

A week left lit when it is said that the souls go straight to heaven.

A week ago I had talked with him, not knowing that it was the last time and …his voice sounded so clear and strong.
I was happy because  lately he was becoming weaker because of the serious illness.

We have talked about Andrea Bocelli’s concert, he told me he was sorry that he has not written a play … he failed to write … he cannot hold the pen in his hand, though he knew exactly what would be written.

Hoping each time talking with him on the phone (because he would not let me see him differently than I knew), we seem to hope together, as he used to teach me to believe in a parallel reality, as in all theater.
I had hoped that the author will leave him to stay longer with us and come back to Theatre „The Bridge” that he loved so much.

But, suddenly, the news fell hard, like all rumors of breakup.

This man taught us that some things are better left unsaid and not talking. It is the meaning of silence.

But being selfish, I wish I could say what I feel, I wish I should say something, hoping that maybe I will not feel the hurt so much.

It hurts so much and I can not say anything.

As for every man remain memories of those who have known and loved him. How and how much each was as skilled.

I’m not too good to show and say words about love, but he knows that I loved him so much.
He was my stone in my hardest moments of solitude … The bridge was a place where I always find my family… seem … strange, every time with other people, but with the same spirit … thanks to him.

The void he left, it will never fill.
We, those to whom he showed us the way, we continue to live and to laugh and to cry and we will remember him from time to time, how he was witty, incomparable and impossible!

I hope that the spirit of experiment, of placing a man on a character in a play, encounters between people looking for people, souls searching for souls, which he maintained for so long there at „The Bridge”,  to be continued, in a way. .. by someone, by us … and perhaps by him from up there … where he is now.

God rest his soul in peace!

Who Will Karma Bring You? Many people talk about finding their soulmate, but not many discuss their karmic tribe, which I like to think of as a group of mini soulmates. In other words, your karmic tribe consists of people who connect with you and/or help you in various ways throughout your life. These individuals make you feel supported, loved and less alone in the world. They are your “family” (not blood relatives) on this earth and, possibly, even in past lives. In fact, I am closer to my karmic tribe than I am to my own family!

With that said, hopefully your lover, best friend, parents, children and favorite teachers are all part of your karmic tribe. After all, these are the people who should fulfill your life, understand you and bond with you the most—perhaps they even can read your mind at times and finish your sentences. For someone to be in your karmic tribe, you should have moments where you feel a deep soul connection, feel total safety and unconditionally loved. It does not have to feel this way all the time, but essentially you would feel comfortable being your true self around this person.

Even though your loved ones are probably the main members of your karmic tribe, it may also consist of people you were once intimate with or people whom you never want to see again! It could even be a person who made one life-changing comment to you or did one small act of kindness that you will always remember. For instance, when I was around nine years old, my mother tripped and fell, twisting her ankle pretty badly. She was overweight, so I could not help her get into the car, but a homeless man nearby rushed over and assisted her, even though moments before she refused to give him money. I will always remember that generous, selfless act from the homeless man. His act of kindness inspired me to help others even when they offer nothing in return.

Strangers or even people you despise can sometimes be in your karmic tribe because they teach you something important about yourself, or they lead you down a different path in life. Correspondingly, one way I would deal with my romantic breakups was to recognize that each boyfriend, no matter how good or bad, was in my “karmic tribe” and thus, served a valuable purpose for that particular phase of my life. All those disastrous short-term and long-term relationships led me to the healthy relationship I am in now.

Likewise, when I think about people with whom I had a dire experience, I also try to find what “good” stemmed from that encounter. For instance, I had a 6th grade teacher who smacked me in class, so my mother immediately un-enrolled me from that private school and placed me in a public school. I was furious with that teacher for “ruining my life” and separating me from my childhood friends due to her her thoughtless, aggressive act. However, I now see that she is actually in my karmic tribe because her action changed the course of my life toward a wonderful direction: I met my best friend at that public school! We still talk daily, and she is my soul sister.

Take some time to think about who is in your karmic tribe and what makes them special to you. Your karmic tribe is priceless. Appreciate your deeper, spiritual relationships with these people. If you are still unsure who is in your karmic tribe, call a psychic to find out which people are positive influences on your future. They may suggest surprising people from your past, present and future!

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