Four principles of succes

There are four principles of succes.
If you follow these principles, you are surely  on the right path
1. Cause and Effect

Nothing happens without sufficient cause. Success is an effect. In order to achieve success, we first need to determine the causes and then operate on them. The law of cause and effect is usually stated as: like causes always produce like effects. So, if you can find somebody who is already successful and identify what they are doing, then by this law, you can enjoy the same kind of success – this is, of course, the essence of what NLP refers to as modelling.

2. Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is everywhere in self improvement literature at present. Although the idea is to be found in ancient religious texts, first specific mention of it as the law of attraction appears to be within New Thought literature of the early twentieth century. This law states that we attract people and opportunity as a product of who and how we are. Usually stated as: like attracts like, meaning that, if you think positive thoughts, positive things generally turn up. Negative thoughts produce their counterparts too.
3. Karma (Sowing & Reaping)

This principle is to be found in many religions. It is that you reap what you sow or, in more everyday language: what goes around, comes around. There are always consequences to every decision you make in life. If you plant daffodil bulbs in your garden, you don’t get tulips. If you drop out of school, you don’t get the job that requires the qualification. If you drink too much alcohol, you get cirrhosis of the liver. Every decision you make is like planting a seed that will bring forth fruit in its season.

4. Abundance (Law of Increasing Returns)

You may be familiar with the law of diminishing returns. Think about how easy it is to lose the first few pounds when you are dieting and how difficult it is to lose the last few – that’s the law of diminishing returns in action. But in success literature we encounter the opposite principle i.e. that success breeds success. As you become more successful, your results compound and they are become much easier to sustain.
For me, the above provides enough of an understanding about how things operate. You can make use of these natural laws if you simply choose to live your life in harmony with them, much like you live in harmony with the law of gravity i.e. you choose to not walk off a cliff because you are aware of a powerful natural law that will always operate to deliver a specific result.

Living in harmony with the law of cause and effect involves identifying the causes of success and then operating on them. Living in harmony with the law of attraction involves developing a positive, optimistic mindset. Living in harmony with the law of karma involves making the right decisions (you always know them in your heart). And living in harmony with the law of increasing returns involves leveraging your assets

The answers you are seeking are all within. Identify your major purpose, find time for regular peaceful reflection and live your life in harmony with these four laws and, if you successfully apply these success principles to your life, I promise you that you will never need to purchase another self help book.

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